Some people say there’s no such thing as a meat-free hot dog. But as more people commit to a plant-based diet, vegan options are becoming a frequent alternative to dishes that traditionally have meat.

ThisWeek staffers respond to the question: Would you eat a vegan hot dog?

Dennis Laycock: No. If I were vegan, I like to think I'd stay away from meat substitutes.

Lisa Proctor: Does Ballpark make those?

Scott Hummel: I don't eat hot dogs unless I'm camping. So if I'm going there, I'm going all the way there. That means no vegan hot dogs for me.

Neil Thompson: I'll play your game. Why would I eat a vegan hot dog?

Andrew King: Sure. Most hot dogs that aren't all-beef barely qualify as meat anyway, so I'd see what they can do without any meat.

Abby Armbruster: I would and I have. Dirty Frank's vegan dogs are pretty good, considering what they are.

Lee Cochran: True story: I was grilling out and was cooking a couple vegan hot dogs for my mom. She ate one and said to give the other to one of our dogs. I gave it to one. He didn't even take a bite. He had it in his mouth for a couple seconds before spitting it out. The other two dogs came over, sniffed it and then walked away. So, no, I doubt I'd ever eat a vegan hot dog. I really don't have a reason to eat one. If I'm eating a hot dog, it's going to be a Nathan's hot dog.

Nate Ellis: Sure, I'd try it. Why not?

Sarah Sole: The only kind I eat.