M/I Homes' proposed Hill Farm development of 229 single-family homes on the western edge of Hilliard will need to satisfy the concerns of Hilliard City Council if it is to proceed.

City Council on June 11 is expected to reconsider a rezoning proposal from rural residential to a conservation district for 163 acres of the 229 single-family-home development, which would be on the north side of Scioto Darby Road, west of Elliott Road and east of Langton Road. The land is next door to the Sid Griffith Equestrian Center at 7380 Scioto Darby Road in Brown Township.

Only 163 acres of the 207-acre development are being considered because 44 acres would remain in Brown Township as parkland, according to John Talentino, Hilliard's city planner.

Members of the city-planning, projects and services committee opted to leave the legislation in committee to allow them time to review a traffic study and for a developer's agreement to be finalized.

Council members' concerns about the proposal weren't unexpected.

The Hilliard Planning and Zoning Commission on Feb. 8 issued a positive recommendation for the rezoning.

"Traffic and taxes are a big concern for residents and I don't see how this helps either," Councilman Andy Teater said after he attended the Feb. 8 meeting.

On May 14, Councilman Pete Marsh raised the same concerns, challenging the findings of a 200-plus page traffic study performed to support the development, particularly its effects at the intersection of Alton Darby Creek and Scioto Darby roads.

But Tom Hart, an attorney representing M/I Homes, said the intersection is outside the scope of the development and it is not the responsibility of the developer to make any upgrades.

Marsh concurred but reiterated that he would consider how the development would affect roads in the corridor.

Hart said zoning and traffic are independent issues.

"Valid zoning can't be rejected for traffic issues," he said.