Residents who still have trash stickers from the city's old solid-waste collections program have until June 1 to turn them in for a reimbursement.

In February, Upper Arlington changed from a pay-as-you-throw trash-collection program with Republic Services to a new system in which Local Waste collects trash and recycling items placed in city-issued bins.

The switch eliminated the need to buy stickers to place on each can of trash, yard waste or bulk item residents set out to be hauled away.

Although pay-as-you-throw is a thing of the past, city officials recognized many residents had reserves of unused trash stickers and offered opportunities for people to turn them in for reimbursements.

Those opportunities soon will end, however, because June 1 is the deadline for returning the stickers to the city.

"Residents purchased stickers under the assumption they would use them," said Emma Speight, Upper Arlington's community-affairs director. "Since we have switched to a new approach for funding the program and charging property owners, it's appropriate that we provide a refund for unused stickers."

To obtain reimbursements, residents should complete and sign a reimbursement form and then submit it to the city by mail or in person with the unused stickers attached.

They then will be given a $2.90 credit for each unused sticker, which is the per-sticker price paid when they were purchased.

"The property owner will see a credit reflected on the next semiannual utility invoice from the city," Speight said. "Residents who rent -- and who therefore do not receive the utility invoice from the city -- are reimbursed by a check from the city."

As of May 1, the city had received approximately 12,400 unused stickers and handed out $36,000 in reimbursements, Speight said.

The reimbursement money comes from the city's Solid Waste Services Fund; city officials budgeted for $50,000 in reimbursements.

Once the June 1 deadline arrives, it will mark the end of pay-as-you-throw in Upper Arlington.

Speight said the city is moving forward with its new program with Local Waste and doesn't foresee any changes to it in the near future.

"We will be doing some outreach later this month and into the summer relative to recycling guidelines, in cooperation with SWACO (the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio)," she said. "The overall response has been very positive."