Sidewalks on dozens of streets are being repaired this month in Prairie Township.

Now in its 15th year, the township's program offers interest-free loans to homeowners to help cover the cost of repairs.

Under Ohio law, the township may repair sidewalks and assess the cost to property owners, who are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks directly abutting their properties.

The loans are repaid through 10 annual payments as part of the property tax bill, township Administrator Tracy Hatmaker said.

The township made $100,000 in loans available this year, Hatmaker said.

About 115 properties are affected this year, Service Director Dave McAninch said.

The bills ranged from $124 to $3,265 this year, McAninch said.

Adopted in 2014, the criteria for determining repairs include sidewalks with sections that differ by more than one-half inch vertically; cracked sections with missing or loose pieces; and those with deteriorating surfaces or slopes away from the street.

"We have been systematically going through the township," Hatmaker said.

Portions of sidewalks will be repaired or replaced on the following streets: Abbot Cove Drive, Amesbury Way, Annhurst Road, Arnold Avenue, Beacon Hill Road, Birch Park Drive, Brookcrest Court, Canyon Cove Drive, Carilla Lane, Danhurst Road, Darbyhurst Road, Dovercrest Court, Edgewater Avenue, Greenlake Street, Hamden Way, Hiler Road, Lakefield Drive, Lombard Road, Maple Drive, Maple Park Way, Malden Way, Musket Way, Murray Hill Road, Renaa Avenue, Sturbridge Road, Topsfield Road, Weymouth Lane, Youngland Drive and Yarmouth Lane.

The repairs are expected to start this week.

Security upgrade

Trustees approved spending $14,251 for a new security and fire-alarm system at the township hall, 23 Maple Drive.

The upgrade will replace an outdated system with more secure technology and it will tie directly into Grove City's emergency dispatching system.

Silco will install the new system, which will be modeled after those in use at township fire stations, Hatmaker said.

It will include the use of key fobs for employees, "which better allows us to control who has access to the building," Hatmaker said.

The next trustees meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 23, at the township hall, 23 Maple Drive.