As journalists, it's kind of a given that most of us will start our morning with a cup of coffee (or two or three).

Heck, many of us need that daily dose of delicious -- magical even -- caffeine just to function.

So grab a cup and (listener does big yawn) wake up to this week's episode of "The Great Food Debate," a podcast where we discuss the best food, drinks and specialties found in central Ohio. This one is all about coffee.

This episode's panelists are:

• Katy Nye, co-founder of the Columbus Foodie Instagram account (@columbus_foodie)

• Reanna Hickman, co-founder of the Columbus Foodie Instagram account (@columbus_foodie)

• Andy Dehus, co-founder of the Columbus Food Adventures

• Jayme Hitchcock, Columbus community manager for Yelp!

Where can the best coffee be found in central Ohio?

• Katy's pick: Cafe Brioso (14 E Gay St, Columbus), Boston Stoker Coffee Co. (771 Neil Ave, Columbus), Fox in the Snow (locations in Italian Village, German Village)

• Reanna's pick: One Line Coffee (locations in Short North and Capital Square)

• Andy's pick: Cafe Brioso, Luck Bros Coffee House (1101 W. 1st Ave., Grandview Heights), Stauf's Coffee Roasters (locations in Grandview Heights, German Village, and inside North Market, the Idea Foundry, and The View on Grant)

• Jayme's pick: Stauf's, OneLine

Other coffee spots mentioned in this episode:

• Mission Coffee Co. (11 Price Ave., Columbus)

• Roaming Goat Coffee Co. (849 N .High St, Columbus)

• Peet's Coffee (National chain, but none in the central Ohio area)

• Dire Dawa (4517 E. Main St., Whitehall)

• Addis Restaurant (3850 Cleveland Ave., Columbus)

• Two Dollar Radio Headquarters (1124 Parsons Ave., Columbus)

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This podcast was produced by Scott Hummel, ThisWeek assistant managing editor, digital.