The Upper Arlington Police Division has determined no charges will be filed against a male who had been accused of following a female home from a local library and sexually assaulting her.

The UAPD issued a press release at 4:17 p.m. Friday, May 18, announcing it had concluded its investigation of a recently reported rape and that no crime had occurred.

“The allegations that were made were found to be not accurate,” UAPD officer Bryan McKean said.

On May 8, police were called to a house on Stanford Road on a report that a female “in her late teens” had been followed home by a male with whom she had been talking at Miller Park Library, 1901 Arlington Ave.

A police report said the male had followed the girl while she walked home and then forced his way into the house and proceeded to kiss and sexually assault her.

Officers interviewed the alleged victim and suspect and collected a couch cushion from the alleged victim’s home, according to the release. They also spoke to witnesses from the library, inspected a DVD the male had handled at the library and reviewed video footage from at least the library before determining no crime had occurred, the release said.

“After a thorough review, it was determined no crime had been committed,” the UAPD’s release stated. “Investigators then contacted the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office, who agreed with the conclusion made by investigators.”

The press release added that the UAPD “goes to great lengths to keep the public informed of incidents that may be a safety concern for the community” and that the division has “a long history of transparency with the community.”

“In difficult and sensitive cases like these, it would have been irresponsible for anyone to comment before all of the facts were gathered and reviewed,” the release said. “Our reluctance to comment on the details of this case was done in an effort to protect the privacy of both the caller and the person accused.”



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Upper Arlington police investigating rape report

Upper Arlington police are investigating an alleged rape that occurred after a visit to a local library.

According to a police report, the assault allegedly occurred May 8 at a house on Stanford Road. The report said a female met a male identified only by a first name who struck up a conversation with her sometime before 11:55 a.m. at the Miller Park Library, 1901 Arlington Ave.

The report said the male followed the female as she walked home from the library and then forced his way into her house and proceeded to kiss her and sexually assault her.

Officer Bryan McKean declined to discuss details of the case, including whether the reported victim and suspect are adults.

“We’re not going to comment on anything like that – nothing about the victim,” McKean said. “This is an ongoing investigation, and we don’t want to say or do anything to jeopardize it.”

As of 11:30 a.m. May 16, no arrests had been made and no charges had been filed.

McKean declined to say if police had interviewed the suspect.

The police report stated a couch cushion was taken as evidence from the female’s home, as was a DVD that was handled by the alleged suspect at the library.

“We’ve identified all the parties related this incident,” McKean said. “The investigation is ongoing. Once the investigation is concluded, that’s one possible outcome, that someone could be charged.”

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