It has been more than eight years since Kyle Colello and Lyndsey Rice attended Dublin Scioto High School and fundraisers held in their memory have made it possible to award more than 80 scholarships to fellow Scioto students seeking higher education.

Colello and Rice were a Dublin Scioto High School couple who were killed in an automobile accident Nov. 28, 2009. Since then, 5K races and golf outings have been held in their memory.

The ninth memorial run will be held at 9 a.m. June 9 at Dublin Scioto High School.

Scholarships given since the program's inception total $130,000, said Paul Colello, Kyle Colello's father.

This year, the Colello family awarded five scholarships at $1,500 each.

Students who apply for the scholarships need good grades, need to have played a varsity sport for at least two years and have been active in a church or youth group, Colello said.

"We kind of look for somebody who reminds us of Kyle," he said.

Students also have to write an essay about what they did to help someone else without wanting recognition for it, Colello said.

"It's always amazing some of the stories we get on that," he said.

Although the Colello family is no longer as familiar with the students as they had been in years past, they still find connections to Kyle.

For example, one of the teachers at Scioto who wrote a recommendation for one of his students knew Kyle, Colello said.

The scholarship program is the least the family can do to remember Kyle and Lyndsey, Colello said.

"It's a way to keep them with us an help people remember them," he said.

This year, the Rice family gave out five scholarships totaling $15,000, said Tom Rice.

Like the Colello family, they try to find students who remind them of Lyndsey -- family-living, giving and caring, he said.

Together, he and other family members review all the scholarship essays.

The fundraisers for the scholarships add up.

Last year, after expenses, the 5K and the golf outing raised a little more than $20,000, Colello said.

This year's golf outing will be July 6 at the Golf Club of Dublin.

Information about both the 5K and the the golf outing can be found online at and