A 47-year-old homeless man was charged with robbing the Roses Discount Store at 1501 Karl Road at 9:58 a.m. May 30.

According to the employee who contacted police, the suspect was stopped as he attempted to leave the store with merchandise, including a $24.99 suitcase, various items of clothing, a Walkman valued at $12.99 and a CD player worth $17.99, without paying for them.

"There was a struggle over the suitcase and the suspect implied he had a gun," the responding officer noted. "The store employee advised the suspect that the police were called and the suspect fled on foot. Officers detained the suspect across the street and notified detectives."

The suspect's address was listed as the "streets of Columbus."

In other Northland-area police reports:

* Officers investigated three incidents of car windshields being smashed May 29 within a short distance of one another. One of the victims noted that the vehicles were owned by Asian or Nepali residents of the same apartment complex. The acts of vandalism all occurred after 9 p.m. May 28 and were reported the following morning, one in the 4700 block of Stonecastle Drive another in the 1600 block of Stonebrook Lane and the third in the 1600 block of Slatebook Lane.

"The victim stated he did not know why anyone would target him, but this is the second broken windshield in the same complex that was smashed in this timeframe where the owners were Asian/Nepalese," according to the report on the Stonebrook Lane case.

* Two men, one 61 and the other 30, reported the theft of a $300 handgun, among other items, at 6:14 p.m. May 27 from a residence in the 5800 block of Thada Lane. The older man said the theft, which included ammunition, a rifle tripod and protective eyewear, took place between April 15 and May 25.

* Damage was estimated at $2,500 after someone used a landscaping brick to smash the front window of a business in the 4400 block of Cleveland Avenue between 12:35 and 7:31 a.m. May 26.

* Officers responded to multiple calls about gunshots being fired at 8:35 p.m. May 25 in the vicinity of Cleveland Avenue and Teakwood Drive. According to one of the responding officers, "multiple shell casings" were subsequently recovered from the parking lot in the 5500 block of Mallards Marsh.