In August 1962, the Lazarus department store opened its first branch in central Ohio after operating in downtown Columbus since 1851.

"Lazarus West" opened in what would later become known as Westland Mall.

This photo was published in The Columbus Dispatch with the headline, "Crowds Jam Lazarus West Opening Day."

Customers massed at the main entrance, awaiting the 11 a.m. grand opening.

"Lazarus opened two air curtain doors Thursday, downtown as usual and a brand new one at the department store's first branch, at Georgesville Rd. and W. Broad St.," the Dispatch reported.

Lazarus later would open more locations, including in Northland Mall, Eastland Mall, Kingsdale Shopping Center, Town and Country Shopping Center, the Mall at Tuttle Crossing, Polaris Fashion Place and Easton Town Center.

Those that remain have been rebranded as Macy's stores.