A crusade launched more than three years ago by a Northland bicycling and pedestrian-safety advocate finally is coming to fruition.

Alicia Ward, president of the Northland Community Council, announced at the June 5 meeting that city officials have budgeted money to install sidewalks along a stretch of Maple Canyon Avenue north of East Dublin-Granville Road.

David Roseman, who approached the NCC to seek the organization's backing for the project in April 2015, was elated at the news.

"Great to hear announced during last night's NCC meeting that the city of Columbus has committed to add sidewalks along densely populated Maple Canyon Avenue north of SR-161 to Jewett Road," he wrote in a post to the council's Facebook page. "Details and timing TBD. Thanks to Emmanuel V. Remy for encouraging this future capital funding."

Remy is the former president of the consortium of neighborhood organizations. He was appointed to Columbus City Council in January and is chairman of the public service and transportation committee.

"It's about time," Ward said. "It's something I've been a broken record on."

She cautioned that the project probably is two to three years away.

"It's a huge, highly populated area," Roseman told ThisWeek Northland News for a March 2015 story in advance of approaching the community council.

Although Maple Canyon Avenue south of East Dublin-Granville Road has sidewalks, the 0.7-mile stretch north does not have sidewalks or paved shoulders, forcing pedestrians to walk in the road, Roseman pointed out at the time.

Remy was on hand for his first NCC meeting since stepping down as president.

"We'll push that along as fast as we can," he said.

Although Remy gave up his leadership post with the community council after being appointed to City Council on Jan. 8, he remains chairman of the Northland Independence Day Parade, a longstanding tradition in the neighborhood.

"We are moving forward," he said.

Remy said more people are needed to volunteer for the July 4 event. The parade gets under way at 11 a.m. at the intersection of Morse and Karl roads and travels north on Karl to East Dublin-Granville Road.

NCC Treasurer Felix Quachey reported that he had been able to obtain insurance coverage for the parade for $405, far less than last year's cost of $1,300.