Another Northwest Civic Association annual meeting June 6 sprouted another confusing controversy leading to angry exchanges.

At the 2017 gathering, then-President John Ehlers revealed that he and Vice President Kyle Hartman weren't getting along.

Ehlers accused Hartman of conspiring with other members of the association's board of trustees attempting to replace him as president.

"I don't see that person as being qualified," Ehlers said at the June 7, 2017, meeting without naming the individual being considered.

Hartman held up his hand when audience members inquired about whom Ehlers was referring.

The upshot of that simmering anger coming to the surface was a subsequent special meeting at which both Ehlers and Hartman lost their leadership posts. Nick Cipiti became president.

Hartman subsequently stepped down from the board.

One day shy of a year later, Ehlers invoked the association's code of regulations -- the rulebook for the organization -- regarding the selection of officers for the coming year.

He said the code requires officers be elected within 40 days of the annual session, something that won't be possible because the trustees don't traditionally meet in July.

The solution Ehlers proposed was to hold the election of trustees that evening, but then hold off on announcing who was chosen until the August session.

He said an election isn't official until the results are announced.

"The election does not end until the election is announced," he said.

Then at the Aug. 1 meeting, Ehlers said the results of the voting could be announced after which the trustees would meet behind closed doors to vote on officers. The suggestion did not sit well with some of the other trustees.

"What difference does that make?" John Fortkamp asked.

Secretary Alyson Miles said she was uncertain about some of what Ehlers was proposing.

"I thought I was very clear," he said.

"No, you weren't," Fortkamp said.

"That doesn't make any sense," Miles said after Ehlers explained his plan once again.

"Do whatever you want," Ehlers said. "It doesn't matter."

Bill Schuck, a member of the NWCA's graphics and zoning committee and who helped draft the code of regulations, said the 40 days is now a problem because in the past the annual meeting was held in the spring.

With the next meeting not scheduled until August, he said board members had three options: suspend the current meeting to the August session, hold a "meeting by assent" in which trustees don't physically gather, but rather confer or hold a special meeting for the purpose of choosing officers.

An election takes place when the votes are taken, Schuck said to Ehlers, not when the results are announced.

"John, with all due respect that is just hocus-pocus," Schuck said.

"Hocus-pocus may be in the eye of the beholder," Ehlers replied.

In an email sent June 11, Cipiti welcomed David Ditmars, Amanda Gibbs and Cheryl Grossman to the board of trustees.

The board this year consists of Miles, Marilyn Goodman, Fortkamp, Kit Logsdon, John Guroy, Julie Schlosser, Ruth Royal, Dennis Damon and Cipiti.

Cipiti also said the civic association will hold a special board meeting at 7 p.m. June 20 in the Meadow Park Church of God, 2425 Bethel Road. The purpose will be to elect officers and set priorities for the year.

"If you have any goals you feel (the) NWCA should accomplish in the next year, please let me know," Cipiti wrote. "I will prepare a list of topics to discuss based on interest and appropriateness. The discussion will be among trustees, but comments from members will be welcome on a limited basis."