Linda Trombetti first learned how to crochet in her early 20s, and at 69, she still keeps up the hobby.

"I find it really relaxing," said Trombetti, a Mayfair Village resident.

Trombetti's most recent crochet project was done in tandem with a group of senior citizens from Mayfair Village and other independent and assisted living facilities.

She and others crocheted and knitted for the third installation of Dublin Arts Council's Yarn over Dublin project.

Yarn Over Dublin: Bridge Park, launched June 9 in Dublin's Bridge Street District.

The event coincides with International Yarn Bombing Day, and senior citizens from eight locations worked since September to create artwork on display in Dublin.

Seniors created flag-inspired blankets and other red, white and blue decor to display in and adjacent to the garage-elevator lobby in Bridge Park's Longshore garage.

After the exhibition, the blankets will be donated to central Ohio military veterans.

Arts Council Executive Director David Guion officials chose Bridge Park as its location for this year's Yarn over Dublin project to highlight it as a destination.

"This was a way to get people down there to experience the new development," Guion said.

The project was funded through the Ohio Arts Council, the city of Dublin's hotel-motel tax and individual donors, Guion said.

About 40 people contributed to the project, said Karen Dendiu, Yarn over Dublin coordinator.

She said 35 blankets will be donated to veterans.

Although Trombetti participated in last year's Yarn over Dublin project, she said this year she appreciated making the blankets as a symbol of appreciation for veterans.

This was also the second year that Jane Graham, 80, participated in the Yarn over Dublin project.

Graham, who lives at Dublin Retirement Village, said although she has Parkinson's disease, she is still able to knit because she doesn't yet have the tremors in her hands that are associated with the disease.

She learned how to knit last year when she first participated with other residents in the Yarn over Dublin project.

Like Trombetti, Graham said she finds her hobby very relaxing.

"It's very creative," she said.