To the Editor:

In response to "Fair board weighing gun-sale request from city" in the May 20 edition of ThisWeek Delaware News:

The firearms used in the senseless murders that supposedly sparked the "request" from the city were all purchased by people who passed background checks. There is no correlation between the atrocities committed by those evil people and firearms sales at the Delaware flea market. Claiming that the lack of background checks on private sales at the Delaware flea market would make some sort of difference is disingenuous at best.

Further, the city has not presented evidence that any firearm bought or sold at the flea market has been used in a crime. Nor have they shown that one was sold to someone who was not legally allowed to purchase it.

There are a slew of state and federal laws that cover all firearms sales, even those by private sellers. Those, coupled with the chance that a buyer or seller could be an undercover agent, tend to make sellers and buyers at the flea market substantially self-policing. Other than simple political grandstanding, there are no acceptable reasons for stopping private sales at the flea market. However, there are other, more immediate ways to protect children.

For example, texting while driving has taken the lives of over 1,300 teens so far this year. That's an average of 11 kids a day. At the risk of angering the school kids who are demanding that "something" be done to save the lives of children, perhaps their focus and that of the mayor and council should be on finding a solution to that indisputable threat.

Leonard Mullenix