The conditions were golden June 15 for the silver-anniversary edition of the Tour de Grandview Cycling Classic.

Moderate temperatures, calm winds and dry weather allowed for a fast course.

"The conditions were excellent. There was no wind and nothing to hold us back. The pace was pretty fast," said Sokha Bun, who won the category 4/5 men's race.

The Columbus resident races for the Healthy and Happy Racing team.

"It feels really good to win. I didn't think I would do that well," Bun said. "I was pretty stressed out because I had to work in the morning, but once I got out on the course, things were fine. Once the race begins, the stress goes away."

The Tour de Grandview course "is a fun one to ride," he said. "I especially like the first corner. It's really technically challenging."

It wasn't only adult cyclists who got to taste victory.

Boys and girls competed in the annual kids sprints, racing down First Avenue to the same finish line as the adult cyclists. The winners of each heat received a $25 savings bond and the overall winner for both boys and girls in each age category earned a $100 savings bond.

Grandview resident Claire Bills won her heat in the girls age 5-7 category.

"It was awesome," said Claire, who is 6 1/2 years old.

She competed last year, too, but Claire said she knows why she won this year.

"I have a different bike," she said. "It goes a lot faster."

Riding their bikes around Grandview is a favorite pastime for Claire and her sister, Ellie.

"We like to go riding around the parks," Claire said. "I like riding a bike because you can look at things as you ride by."

Darren Williams, a cyclist with the Monster Media Racing team, had a busy night. He competed in both the category 3/4 men's and 1/2/3 pro races.

"It's going to be a challenge to race again in the pro race," he said, shortly after competing in his first race. "I'm hoping the 3/4 race is a warmup that gets me loose for the pro race and that it doesn't tire me out."

The Fort Wayne, Indiana, resident has competed in the Tour de Grandview in the past, before the event switched to its current route that includes First, Willard, Second and Grandview avenues.

"I really like the new course," Williams said. "It's relatively flat but it still provides a good challenge."

The area around the first corner is particularly challenging as the roadway reduces from four lanes to one, he said.

"It bunches everybody up and that's really difficult to maneuver through at such high speeds," Williams said. "It tests your handling of the bike."

Williams, 51, said he competes in 35 to 40 races each year.

"It keeps you healthy and fit," he said. "I just like the lifestyle of cycling. It's something that you can do when you in your 20s, in your 50s like I am, and on into your 80s."

In addition to Bun, other winners in this year's Tour de Grandview include:

* Pro men's 1/2/3 -- Robert Sroka of North Royalton, First Internet Bank Cycling. Sroka also won last year's event.

* Pro women's 1/2/3 -- Rachel Langdon of Louisville, Zone-6 Endurance team.

* Category 3/4 men's -- Chris Carr of Fishers, Indiana, Team Upland Brewing.

* Category 4/5 women's -- Ivy Moore of Bloomington, Indiana.