Members of Pickerington High School North's Drumline this month will offer a sneak peak of the coming school year's show music while offering to spiff up your ride at the annual Drumathon and Car Wash.

Just weeks after classes let out for summer break, members of the Marching Panthers were back at it June 14, running laps, marching and getting in tune.

Whereas the work will go a long way toward preparing the musicians for the 2018-19 marching band season, the real kickoff to the coming year will be June 30, when the drumline play host to its annual Drumathon and Car Wash at Peace United Methodist Church, 235 Diley Road.

The Drumathon portion of the event, which features drumline members rehearsing show music for the new season, will run from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Additionally, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., students will offer free vehicle washes.

"The car wash is free, but we do accept any donations that we can get," said Elizabeth Brown, a senior.

"The really big thing is just showing our program to the community as a drumline, rather than just the marching band," she said.

"Sometimes, we don't really get to be highlighted as a drumline.

"It's our opportunity to show them and you can see us on the side of the street playing the drums to rally people into the car wash."

Brown and Ben Miller, a junior, acknowledged the Drumathon and Car Wash is a long day, one that requires a lot of focus and work.

A key to getting through is "lots of sunscreen," Miller said.

"We have a lot of snacks throughout the day," Brown added. "That keeps everyone having a good attitude."

Chris Carmean, PHS North, Lakeview Junior High School and Harmon Middle School assistant band director and percussion instructor, said the Drumathon and Car Wash is an opportunity for the drumline to "jump start our music learning for the season and to raise some needed funds at the same time."

"The proceeds from this event support the equipment needs of our percussion section," he said. "We purchase sticks, mallets, drumheads and instruments with funds raised."

Throughout the event, drumline members trade their time between rehearsing and washing cars.

Miller said it's a lot of work, but credited Carmean with keeping the event "chill" and allowing drummers to catch their breaths between tasks.

"It is just a really fun time for all of us," Miller said. "It is a whole day where we're washing cars and we're learning our show music.

"It's also the only fundraiser that goes directly to our drumline. So it's really fun and it's really important." has more information about the Drumathon and Car Wash.

"We are grateful and appreciative of the community's support of our music and fundraising programs," Carmean said.

"With this support, we are able to have the resources we need to serve many students every year, enriching their education through the performing arts, and we are able to perform for the community. You can also look for us in the July 4th parade."