TWINSBURG — Voters could see six charter amendments before them at the Nov. 6 general election if Council OKs placing them on the ballot.

The proposed changes were outlined by charter review commission spokesman David Post at Council’s June 12 meeting. To go on the fall ballot, they must be approved by Council and submitted to the Summit County Board of Elections by Aug. 8.

Councilman Sam Scaffide and Law Director David Maistros lauded Post and the other members of the charter review commission for their efforts over the last several months reviewing the charter. Scaffide called the panel’s work "very professional."

Here is a brief summary of the proposed charter changes:

• Shall Article III of the charter be amended to require sitting members of Council to first resign their seat prior to running for any other Council position?

• Shall Article IV of the charter be amended to establish the procedure for filling any mayoral vacancy, designating the mayor as a full-time position with the benefits of other full-time employees and establishing the mayor’s compensation?

The above change would set the mayor’s salary at 5 percent above the highest paid department head, excluding the law director. If the salary of the highest paid department head decreased, the mayor’s salary would not be reduced, but would increase at the same percentage granted all other department heads.

• Shall Section 6.02 of the charter be amended to establish that charter Article IV shall be the method for setting the salary of the mayor?

• Shall Article VII of the charter be amended to establish procedures for filling any vacancies on boards and commissions, establish procedures for filling vacancies of the finance and law directors, amend civil service rules and update the structure of the Department of Public Safety?

Post said the above change would allow the administration to select replacements for boards or commissions from a list assembled at the beginning of each year rather than having to advertise the seat and interview persons each time there is a vacancy.

That change also would allow all promotions, hiring and appointments other than the chiefs of police and fire to be appointed from the civil service register by the public safety director (mayor) without needing to be approved by Council.

It also adds directors of restaurant operations and banquet operations to the list of city directors since those are new positions brought on by the construction of the new Gleneagles Golf Course clubhouse and banquet center.

• Shall Article VIII of the charter be amended to move the primary election for mayor from May to August and establish residency requirements for elected officials?

• Shall Article IX of the charter be amended to provide only residents of a ward the ability to vote in a recall election of a ward Council rep?

Post said in addition to the main purposes of the changes listed above, language in various articles of the charter would be updated and "cleaned up" if the amendments are approved.

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