Ah, summer playlist season, the time of year for lounging poolside, watching baseball and learning which of your friends don't have air conditioning.

Those winter months of crouching near the furnace and playing "The Sound of Silence" on repeat seem like lifetimes ago.

But those days aren't gone for good -- the clock already seems to be ticking.

That makes it all the more important to season those classic summer activities with the right music.

Anyone can throw some Beach Boys on Spotify, but when you have the luxury of a studio in which you record a podcast about local music, it's better to get it from the source.

Vince Tornero and Grant Gundlach, the hosts of the In The Record Store podcast, spent a recent episode playing choice summer selections from the Ohio Jukebox, songs recorded for the podcast with Joey Gurwin of the Oranjudio recording studio near Grandview Heights.

Read about them -- and even better, go listen to them -- because it'll be December before you know it.

"Wild Grass" by High Definitions -- This cut is from a 2016 seven-song release the band recorded in Athens. "Wild Grass" was a standout as a demented rockabilly tune that careens off a cliff into blues-rock madness. The band originally hails from Cincinnati but has been based in Columbus since 2013.

"Selfish" by Spencer Sutherland -- The Pickerington native had a moment on X Factor, and it's easy to see why. Sutherland croons in praise that turns to desperate pining and back again. It's just his voice and a guitar, but it's never boring. He dropped an EP, "Unveiled," in 2015, and his latest single, "Talk," was released in April.

"Savage" by Zoo Trippin' -- Zoo Trippin', a band originally from Hilliard, evokes Primus and Faith No More in this heavy track. Its chunky, heavy guitar still manages to be funky, and lead singer Tony Casa howls with what has become his trademark bombasticity. The band put out an EP, "T-Sides," earlier this year to follow up last year's debut LP, "Purple."

"Rocheblave" by Jordan Kirk -- This is a light, airy track in which Kirk plays guitar with flair and sings in a Dylan-like cadence. His voice comes from faraway, calling out as he searches for something. Kirk's soothing vocals, reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, make this a quintessential late night jam. Columbus' Kirk released his debut album, "Ragamuffin Parade," last summer.

"Van Gogh" by the Turbos -- A fantastic piece of modern alt rock, resembling the Arctic Monkeys in its riffs and attitude, throbs before roaring into the chorus and guitar solo. The Turbos' "Alternator" album came out last year and the band has dropped two singles thus far in 2018.

Sam Kayuha is associate editor for In The Record Store. ThisWeek publishes a weekly feature from the organization, which focuses on central Ohio music discovery and involvement.