Three of the four incumbent officers of the Northwest Civic Association board of trustees were returned to their posts at a June 20 special meeting.

Nick Cipiti will remain president, Ruth Royal vice president and Alyson Miles secretary.

John Guroy, however, will be replacing Julie Schlosser as treasurer.

The election was held during a special meeting. Traditionally the board does not meet in July.

The code of regulations for the association -- the rule book under with the civic group operates -- dictates election of officers must take place within 40 days of the annual meeting, which was held June 6.

Cipiti said the annual meeting used to be held in May, but it was moved to June in recent years, creating the problem with the 40-day rule this year.

Bill Schuck, a member of the graphics and zoning committee who helped draft major parts of the code of regulations, said for years the annual meeting took place in April, but he noted May also worked in terms of timing.

"I'm willing to change (the 40-day rule) right now if it's not in the code," said Marilyn Goodman, chairwoman of graphics and zoning.

The code of regulations was discussed, and Cipiti appointed a four-member committee to look into updating and revising the document. Shuck, Goodman and board member John Fortkamp were appointed. Miles will be the committee's chairwoman.

Goodman said her best estimate is that the last review of the code took place in 2007.

Shuck noted that it's no longer clear if the association has a set of bylaws as well as the code of regulations. The latter, he said, governs the organization as a whole, while bylaws were specifically about the board of directors.

That is, he added, if bylaws still exist.

"The record-keeping in some years has been pretty hit and miss," Shuck said.

"This is a pretty big undertaking," Cipiti said of the code review.

Switching the annual session to May, appointments to the board's standing committee and creating of the code of regulations steering committee all were approved in a single unanimous vote that concluded the special session.