German Village Society's Organization Development Committee presented its vetted slate of candidates to the Board of Trustees at the June 12 meeting.

The ODC is having coffee and conversations with people interested in joining the leadership team for the Society.

This year's coffees number more than three dozen. In fact, you may have seen several invitations in this publication asking for those interested to raise their hand.

Through all those coffees -- and sometimes cocktails -- the ODC is listening for people who are passionate about the community, aligned with the mission of the German Village Society and willing to serve all of the governance and fiduciary duties.

The ODC is also looking for special skills to fill board needs, which might include attorneys, architects, financial folks or other talents.

At the June board meeting, ODC members presented -- and the Society board accepted -- the names of three incumbents and one newcomer for four open seats on the board during elections this August.

For now, I'll just say a couple of sentences about each of them, but watch our website for more.

Marie Logothetis

Marie and her husband, Dan Kline, were the first Haus und Garten Tour chairmen to take on leadership of the event two years in a row, and during their years we broke income records and grew our partnerships.

They have also hosted countless PreTour dinners and had their homes on the tour.

Marie is back on the tour's host committee this year and next, and in the meanwhile she works on our Visitors Center Task Force and our Sidewalk Committee to give shape to two of our most mission-centric projects in the strategic plan.

John Barr

John is a practicing CPA, our current board treasurer and chair of our Finance and Audit committees, but there is absolutely nothing for which John doesn't show up.

He and his wife, Robin, helped sell Schiller Park books last winter, they've hosted PreTour dinners, and he shows up to support all kinds of committees and events, and he is a vocal advocate for getting new people involved.

Greg Gamier

If you love Art Crawl and Village Lights, you can thank Greg and his husband, Jeff Lowe.

They've been leading those major events for the past seven years, and they were critical as committee members to both events even before they took the lead.

In their "free time," they are co-chairmen of the German Village Business Community. Greg is a voice for our businesses in his board role.

Robin Strohm

Robin and her partner, Mary Wilson, moved to German Village three years ago.

Robin brings one of those critical board roles to the table as an attorney with her primary practice of community association law (HOA/Condo law).

She also has experience in landlord-tenant law. Robin was involved in starting a civic association in south Clintonville many years ago and assisted in addressing neighborhood issues within the community to make a positive change.

Watch this space for more on the candidates before you vote in August.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column .