Commuters who use Godown Road are being rerouted temporarily as the city of Columbus completes a water-line replacement project on a portion of the thoroughfare north of West Case Road.

Godown has been restricted to one-way northbound on a half-mile stretch of roadway between Smallwood Drive and Linworth Road.

Orange barrels and directional signs are in place.

George Zonders, spokesman for the Columbus Department of Public Utilities, said the work should wrap up in a month or so.

The Godown project is part of the Silver Drive Area Water Line Improvements, a $4.5-million project that includes roughly 3 miles of water-line repair and replacement in areas as far east as North Linden.

Zonders said nothing is wrong with the road. The water line is under the northbound portion of the pavement.

"In this part of the project, crews are utilizing directional drilling rather than a traditional open cut," he said.

"This means instead of excavating a long, open trench to replace the water line, crews are excavating pits and utilizing those to dig horizontally to install the new main."

The city is not able to use the directional, or horizontal, drilling in all situations for a variety of reasons, such as location of the utilities, Zonders said. He said both methods are disruptive, but the directional drilling choice on Godown often can save time, meaning less overall disruption for residents, and money, compared to open trench.

"We very much appreciate everyone's patience during this work and completion should result in better water service for everyone within the project area," Zonders said.

Marilyn Goodman, a member of the Northwest Civic Association, said she's been avoiding Godown since the construction.

Goodman said Godown is a well-traveled street and the restrictions cause an inconvenience for residents and motorists in the area.

"When it opens I will use it again," she said. "Of course, I would like them to finish as quickly as possible."