I have lived on Jewett Road in southern Delaware County for more than 15 years.

Because of population growth in Powell and northern Delaware County, traffic has increased on state Route 315, and the intersection of Jewett and state Route 315 has become very dangerous for motorists, especially during rush hour.

I have made many calls to Ohio Department of Transportation, Liberty Township and the Delaware County engineer over the years and received the the same message: "Nothing can be done because it is a state route."

With this, I made my yearly round of calls and got confirmation from ODOT that nothing was planned in the near future to address this intersection.

I would like to thank all the motorists who stop and allow us to enter state Route 315, but good Samaritans should not be the basis for traffic control and public safety. The intersection is a hazard and someone is going to get hurt badly, and our public officials need to complete a plan to address this issue, now.

Based on history, Delaware County will continue to grow thanks to some great school systems, and traffic will continue to increase on state Route 315 and nothing will happen to address the situation. Anyone want to go in halfsies on a helicopter?

Steve Lorence