Shiloh Todorov said she will leave the German Village Society executive-director job Oct. 10 with an overall sense of modesty and optimism for the organization’s future.

“I’ve learned so much and made so many friends,” said Todorov, who is leaving on her 7-year anniversary date with the organization. “I’ve been taught the power of community and teamwork.”

She said she’s been thinking of leaving for about nine months but doesn’t have another job lined up. Her main goal was to help the organization make a smooth transition with her replacement.

“I’ve been talking and thinking and doing some training and trying to find where to go,” said Todorov, 43, who lives in downtown Columbus.

“For all the neighborhood has given me I wanted to make sure I did a smooth handoff.”

Todorov, in an email sent June 27, announced her departure to members of the society.

She cited a litany of accomplishments, from major programming changes to the Haus und Garten Tour and Art Crawl, to implementing a historic-signage program.

The German Village Society, formed in 1960, has 850 dues-paying members.

There are 13 members on the society’s board of trustees who will choose Todorov’s replacement.

Heidi Drake, president of board, said the new executive director’s job qualifications would be defined and a search committee formed in the next few weeks.

Todorov had indicated she would be willing to leave sooner if another person is found and ready to take the position, Drake said.

“I think the village overall has loved her and she’s leaving us better than she found us,” Drake said. “It’s pretty amazing, but it’s also a pretty good time to transition the village to somebody new.

“We’re getting ready to start a lot of new things as well,” she said, such as updating the strategic plan and renovating the Meeting Haus. “I think it’s probably as good a time as it can be for the village to lose a beloved leader.”