Calling all backyard mechanics!

If a summer road trip is in your future, let Worthington Libraries' automotive resources help you get -- and keep -- your vehicle in pristine running condition.

If a mysterious light has suddenly appeared on your dashboard, check out an auto-code reader kit and solve the mystery.

An auto-code reader is used to diagnose the cause behind "Check Engine" or "Service Engine" dashboard lights in most vehicles manufactured since 2000. Just plug the reader into the connector under your dash. It will display the given fault information provided by the vehicle engine, along with an explanation.

If you're up for fixing the problem yourself, a Worthington Libraries card gives you free access to databases to do that – just start at

Chilton Library provides the same reliable information its car care manuals have been providing for more than 80 years. The online version offers photographs, diagnostics and repair procedures for both domestic and foreign cars, as well as light trucks. Updates are added monthly.

If there's no time, or funds, to fix your less than dependable car battery, don't panic. Check out a portable jump-starter kit before heading out on the road, and you'll be able to jump-start your engine by yourself.

The portable jump starter can be used to jump-start batteries in vehicles, using the included jumper cables. The unit also can serve as a USB charging port to charge such devices as smartphones or tablets.

To access Chilton Library, start at the library's website, Under the Explore tab, select "Databases A-Z." Click "C" for Chilton Library. To use the database outside the library, you must be a Worthington Libraries cardholder.

Use that same card to reserve both the auto-code reader and portable jump-starter kits. You may borrow them for 14 days; renewals are not available.

Hillary Kline is a communications specialist for Worthington Libraries.