This is my farewell and thank-you letter to a community that has wrapped its arms around me and taught me so much.

My final day with German Village Society will be Oct. 10 -- my seven-year anniversary date.

There are unending things I want to brag on you about, German Village. You've accomplished so much in the past seven years, and it has been my honor to be a part.

Together, we passed a strategic plan and we've marched it into action year by year.

We've grown our five annual events and changed the experience of each; whether it is adding golf carts to PreTour, or adding this year's programmed stage to Art Crawl -- we just keep making these community events even more exciting.

We've attracted and deployed countless new volunteers and leaders -- each stepping forward to make their mark on the neighborhood they love.

We ran two Great Placemakers Conferences to make our mark as preservation leaders and to learn together with our friends about how to continue to innovate.

We took on -- and eventually partnered with -- Columbia Gas to protect our historic fabric.

We started a sidewalk grant program. We've launched two phases of an historic sign program that will eventually include boundary markers and wayfinding.

We deployed $1.5 million in Urban Infrastructure Renewal Funds from the city toward fixing brick streets and saving an historic pillar in Schiller Park.

We worked with the city to not only find a working sandstone quarry in Ohio, but to implement policy to use sandstone in all of Columbus' historic neighborhoods.

We lighted, cleaned and told the story of Schiller's statue. We added a fountain to the park's pond.

Social media was barely "a thing" when I started here, but now we use it every single day to help neighbors connect.

As we've tried to get better at communicating with you, we've overhauled our website twice and reintroduced a mailed biannual newsletter.

We added an Arts Committee, a GreenSpot committee and a Vision Task Force -- along with countless working groups and subcommittees.

When neighbors come together to solve problems and get to know each other, that's where the "real" work of the German Village Society happens.

We gave dozens of awards to community members who have made this place unique for so many years.

Along the way, I've been taught the power of people and community and passion.

You've allowed me to try things and not always have them work. You've taught me what it means to be a friend, leader and teammate.

I shared my decision with the board at the June meeting. Four months is a long time for us to plan a transition together.

I've been thinking about my personal and professional "what's next" for nine months now.

I couldn't come to terms with committing to my own next before I was sure the German Village Society could have a smooth transition to new leadership.

So, no, I don't have the next thing lined up -- my focus through October is doing whatever I'm asked to hand off our momentum to the next executive director.

Thank you, German Village. For everything.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column .