Whitehall voters will be asked this fall to consider three charter amendments, including one that would extend the maximum number of consecutive terms an elected official may serve from two to three.

Whitehall City Council on July 10 approved legislation 6-0 for the placement of three city charter amendments on the Nov. 6 ballot.

Councilman Larry Morison was absent.

“It’s something voters should decide,” Council President Jim Graham said July 12, adding that no further discussion occurred July 10 because the subject had been vetted at previous meetings.

The other two charter amendments would create a gender-neutral charter by removing masculine pronouns and references found throughout and would change the line of succession for mayor.

Currently, if the mayor leaves office for any reason during a term, the council president is next in line, followed by the service director.

Because the service director is neither elected nor required to reside in Whitehall, the charter-review commission recommended that the service director be removed from the line of succession, Graham said.

Instead, a member of City Council would be second in line to succeed the mayor.

Voters in 2002 and 2013 rejected charter-amendment proposals to completely remove term limits altogether.

Term limits were put in place in 1993.

The term-limit proposal, as presented, has never been put to voters.

“We’re not asking they be terminated, just extended,” Graham said.

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