A recent study suggests that protein crystal found in cockroaches is four times more nutritious than cow's milk, making it one of the next potential superfoods.

ThisWeek staffers respond the question: Any thoughts on cockroach milk being the next superfood?

Dennis Laycock: No. Just no.

Lisa Proctor: I can't get past the word cockroach.

Nate Ellis: Nah.

Andrew King: I don’t think this question deserves my thoughts.

Scott Hummel: The only thought I have is, why would someone ponder the idea of ever trying that? No thanks. I have lived in Florida and California. I have no use for those things.

Neil Thompson: Yeah, what even could be next after this one? I've reached peak superfood fatigue.

Abby Armbruster: I'll stick to spinach and blueberries, thanks.

Sarah Sole: I will stick with almond milk.

Lee Cochran: None whatsoever, other than how many cockroaches would it take to provide a glass? I'll stick to good ol' cow's milk, thank you.