First, let me say that I'm very grateful to Superintendent Paul Imhoff and the board for their leadership and countless hours in the successful recent levies.

But ... I want to make one final effort to get the word out about the intention to create classrooms that will be glass on three sides.

It's my belief that most people in the community are unaware of this design feature and those with whom I have discussed it oppose it. My concern is that this has not been widely disseminated in the community. People haven't been concerned because few know that this is the plan.

On May 9, I sent a letter to the UA board of education expressing my reservations about how disruptive this design will be to high school learning. Teachers I know at the high school have expressed concerns about noise, visual disruption from the hallways and other rooms and also safety in an active shooter situation. Two board members politely responded, and that's the last I heard of it from any school leader.

A letter from Imhoff to the teaching staff May 16 confirms that this design is going forward. I noticed that in public meetings, very little, if anything, has been told to the public about classroom designs. I guess that school leadership doesn't want to raise a controversial issue.

If the entire community knows about this and is OK with it, so be it. But it seems to me that this is in need of a real public airing.

Linda Roomann

Upper Arlington