One's initial assumption about a band with two drummers might be to keep a safe distance because of the presumed deafening noise.

Multiple members jockeying for control of rhythm in an unorthodox band setup is a recipe for a future breakup.

That definitely is not the case for the alternative rockers of Mister Moon, an innovative collective that spilled out of north-central Ohio over into the Columbus scene.

The unselfish attitude shared by Tommy Christian (vocals, guitar), Seth Bain (vocals, bass), Cory Boomer (drums) and Cory Webb (drums) is evidenced in Mister Moon's latest work, the "Codes" EP, which was released at the beginning of July.

The five-song project strays more down an alternative route than a traditional rock 'n' roll statement with rich percussion sections and melancholy vocal and guitar work. Echoing vibrations and eerie pulsations creep up throughout "Codes," lending well to the syncopated drum patterns that don't overlap into chaos.

So what started as two drummers and a guitarist just hanging out and wanting to play has quickly and effortlessly evolved into what is now Mister Moon.

"It definitely just naturally happened," Christian said.

Although it might seem that one drummer would encroach on the other's territory, Mister Moon has made it work.

"When there's two drummers, there's a lot of stress that needs to be placed on not stepping on each other's toes, so that's a constant thing that these guys are talking about when it comes to building parts for songs," Christian said.

Mister Moon is a self-described rhythmic band, similar to the same vein of Tame Impala. Its dedication to the beat allows for all of its members to have freedom to create space and accents. Even with two drummers, Mister Moon has gone as far as adding a drum machine to the mix.

"Part of the writing process ends up being four of us fighting over who wants to play the rhythm because essentially none of us are lead players and we don't really want leads or solos," Webb said. "We just want to slam the song out."

Mister Moon will return to Columbus on Aug. 3 to play a concert with Season Ten and Mystic Mamba at the Spacebar, 2590 N High St. Doors open at 9 p.m. and there is a $5 cover, $8 if under 21.

Zak Kolesar is executive editor for In The Record Store. ThisWeek publishes a weekly feature from the organization, which focuses on central Ohio music discovery and involvement.