The Westerville Habitat Partnership will host its annual self-guided tour, Tapestry of a Town, from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, July 29.

The 10 featured sites include:

* St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, 30 E. College Ave. -- formerly a flower shop, before that the residence of a beloved Westerville teacher

* Emerson School, 44 N. Vine St. -- Westerville's oldest school building, still in operation after 122 years

* Asterisk Supper Club, 14 N. State St. -- formerly the Williams Grill

* Hanby House, 160 W. Main St. -- home of Benjamin Hanby and a site on the Underground Railroad (garden will be open)

* Gemma Shop, 43 E. College Ave. -- brick house that has housed many different businesses

* ERA Real Solutions Realty, 168 S. State St. -- an example of Arts- and Crafts-style construction and a southern gateway to Uptown

* 121 S. State St. -- private residence across from the library

* 80 W. College Ave. -- private residence almost 100 years old

* 204 N. State St. -- private residence once connected to the organizer of the Westerville Fair before the turn of the last century

* Otterbein Stadium, 135 Center St. -- O-Room and locker rooms will be open

Conceived as a walking tour, visitors are welcome to drive from sites or do a combination of both. The ticket is a souvenir booklet with photos and information about each site and a map.

Musical groups and artists will be stationed at each site as an added attraction.

Tickets are $15 and include, until supply runs out, a gift bag of discounts and freebies from local businesses.

Tickets can be purchased at the Visitors and Convention Bureau, 20 W. Main St., during the week. Day-of-the-event tickets are sold only at the lobby of the City Building starting at 1 p.m.

Participants also can purchase tickets through by clicking on "Tapestry of a Town," then "About Tapestry of a Town." Pictures of the sites will be posted under "Tapestry 2018."