A green, black and orange bracelet keeps Westerville resident Kelly Hickey-Ginn motivated as she trains to ride in her second Pelotonia.

The bracelet has three strands of colored beads, connected by ribbon and heart charms, with the green representing lymphoma, black denoting melanoma and orange signifying leukemia.

Those are the three types of cancer that took the life of her father, Dennis "Pickey" Hickey of Gahanna, at the age of 76 on June 14, 2017.

"His non-Hodgkin's lymphoma mutated into three different types," Hickey-Ginn said. "He's the only one in the world who had these. When he passed, I almost dropped out of (Pelotonia). But I realized it was more motivation to do it."

Her friend, Anne Wright, a Westerville resident, made her the bracelet as a gift following her father's death.

"It was totally unexpected," Hickey-Ginn said. "I wear that constantly to remember Dad, plus to stay motivated and to remember why I'm doing it."

Hickey-Ginn, 42, will ride 45 miles from Columbus to New Albany for the second consecutive year.

Hickey-Ginn said she followed in her father's footsteps as a real-estate agent. Pickey Hickey worked for HER Realtors for more than 40 years in central Ohio.

The 1994 Gahanna Lincoln High School alumna said her father was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1999, and given only six months to live.

He started an experimental treatment at the James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State University, and Hickey-Ginn credits the hospital with giving her father 18 years beyond his original diagnosis.

In appreciation for what the James did for her family, she wanted to find a way to give back.

"I wanted to volunteer or something like that," she said.

While out with coworkers last year, she said, a decision was made to put together a Pelotonia team for their company, CRT Realtors in Gahanna.

"The next day was like, 'What did I agree to?' " she said.

The CRT Realtors peloton has 14 members this year.

Hickey-Ginn said her CRT team has trained together a few times, but she was too busy showing houses.

"I've been going to CycleBar (an indoor cycling facility)," she said. "You're not in the heat. It's very cool."

Before signing up for Pelotonia in 2017, Hickey-Ginn said, the last time she had been on a bike was when she was a child.

"I bought my bike a month or two before Pelotonia," she said. "It was completely last minute."

However, she still had a great experience in Pelotonia, which was launched a decade ago as a grassroots fundraiser for local cancer research at Ohio State.

"You hear about it and see it on television," she said. "To be in it physically was amazing. People are at the end of their driveways and people in town would go to the square and cheer. The finish line was an amazing experience."

Hickey-Ginn said she wasn't sure if she was crying at the end of the ride because she was in pain, happy it was over or experiencing emotions.

"It was very, very cool," she said. "It's hard but so worth it."