In June 1985, an outdoor concert was held at the old Ohio Penitentiary, less than a year after the prison officially closed.

There was "no captive audience at this prison concert," according to a Columbus Dispatch story.

"The old Ohio Penitentiary probably never saw so much levity in all its 151 years on Spring Street as it did Sunday at WNCI Radio's Jailhouse Rock concert."

An estimated crowd of 5,000 filled the old prison yard and even had the opportunity to tour the closed cell blocks during the eight-hour event.

Featured were Columbus bands Phil Dirt and the Dozers, McGuffey Lane and Five Mighty People as well as Easy Street, a band from Cleveland.

Tickets were $5, with funds raised for Alvis House, a program for former prison inmates.

The site was later redeveloped and is now part of the Arena District.