Grove City police are investigating two reports of online extortions.

The owner of a store in the 1400 block of Stringtown Road told police he received an email July 18 demanding a $3,200 payment in Bitcoin to the sender.

The suspect claimed to have installed software on the victim's computer that captured his password and recorded his online activities and also threatened to send compromising information about the victim to his contacts if he did not pay, according to reports.

In the other incident, a resident in the 1900 block of Autumn Woods Drive told police a person he met on Facebook on July 21 had demanded money from him.

The man said he received a Facebook friend request from a profile that used a woman's name. The profile said the woman lived in Chicago but was from Ecuador, according to reports.

After the pair sent several messages back and forth, the victim was convinced to send nude photos and videos of himself.

The victim said that after he sent the images, the woman sent him links to his sister and mother's Facebook profiles and demanded he send her $4,700 to help pay for her child's medical bills, reports stated. She told him if he didn't send the money, she would send the images to his family members and would post the videos on internet sites.

The victim said he opened a Western Union account and wired the woman $200, saying that was all he could afford. The woman kept demanding he send more money transfers or she would release the photos and videos, according to reports.

There have been no further communications between the victim and the suspect since he filed his report with police July 23.

In other recent Grove City police reports:

* Two people reported July 19 they were victims of scams in which they were asked to make payments using Google Play Store gift cards.

A resident in the 5800 block of Ravine Creek Drive told police he was scammed out of $1,200 worth of gift cards by someone who was supposed to be fixing his computer.

The victim said a man called him July 1 and advised him his computer needed service. The suspect left a phone number, the name of his boss and the company he allegedly represented, according to the report.

The victim called the man back on July 18 and provided the $1,200 payment using gift cards for the service to be performed, reports stated. The next day, the suspect told him the computer service was not able to be completed and he requested another $900 before he would try to work on the computer again.

At that point, the victim thought he was being scammed, hung up and called police.

A Logan woman reported July 19 she had fallen victim to a scam while she was staying at a residence in the 2900 block of Tree Bend Circle.

The woman said she received a voicemail message on her cellphone from someone claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service, according to reports.

She returned the call and spoke to a man who explained she owed money for penalties and if she didn't pay the fine, her bank accounts would be frozen, a warrant would be issued for her arrest and law enforcement officers would come to arrest her.

The victim told police she feared she would be arrested so she complied with the man's request.

He told her to drive to two grocery stores in Westerville and purchase 10 Google Play Store gift cards, nine in the amount of $500 each and the other for $200. He said after she purchased the cards, she was to give him the serial numbers and PINs, which she did, reports stated.

The woman said that after talking to her parents, she realized she was the victim of a scam. She contacted her bank, which advised her to call police and file a report.

* A resident in the 5900 block of Blue Star Drive told police his vehicle, valued at $13,000, was stolen July 21 from his driveway while he was at work.

* A Columbus woman reported her car, valued at $3,000, was stolen July 23 while she was visiting a residence in the 4000 block of Southwest Boulevard.

She said she parked the car in the driveway but left it unlocked with the keys inside.

* A resident in the 2900 block of Ashtonrow West reported July 23 a catalytic converter, valued at $1,000, was cut and stolen from her husband's car.