I have called 911 more than once. Those situations were stressful, and it was hard to think clearly.

Callers like me are panicked and cannot always relay important information in an emergency, and the situation often is one of the worst days of their lives.

The city of Grove City offers a complimentary and enhanced 911 service -- Smart911 -- that offers 911 callers a way to provide a lifesaving safety profile that immediately displays on a dispatcher's screen saving critical time in response to their emergencies.

More than 1,400 area participants have created Smart911 profiles, and area emergency dispatchers have recorded 144 safety profile incoming 911 calls since the Smart911 rollout in 2013.

Jackson Township Division of Fire benefits from the Smart911 service because the Grove City Division of Police dispatches all of its fire and emergency medical runs.

Why should someone sign up for Smart911?

There are innumerable reasons to sign up, but here are just a few.

* Smart911 helps emergency responders assist you in a crisis and oftentimes information provided, including medical conditions, saves lives.

* Key information can be included about household members -- including pets, livestock or service animals -- that would help anyone in the event of an emergency whether the call is from a residence or mobile phone.

* Emergency dispatchers have access to essential information to provide an appropriate and rapid response if a caller hangs up or is unable to speak.

Smart911 profiles include names, physical descriptions and photos of all people, including children, to help with identification during an emergency. About 70 percent of 911 calls nationally originate from mobile phones that provide limited, if any, location information. Adding all phone numbers to a household profile helps dispatchers know where you are when you need help.

Inputting an exact or descriptive address in a Smart911 safety profile can save time, injuries or lives during a response, especially if that address is a multi-unit building or development.

Smart911 is a secure and free service for anyone including local businesses. Information solely is made available to 911 operators when someone dials 911 from a number associated with a safety profile. The signup process is straightforward, and those who create profiles will receive periodic email reminders to update their information to ensure its accuracy.

Jackson Township public safety officials encourage all residents, passersby and business designees to create free online Smart911 safety profiles without delay. The service is credited with saving lives and reducing emergency response times all across the nation.

Take 15 minutes to create a profile that could save your life or the lives of those you love at smart911.com or with the Smart911 mobile app. If this has not convinced you, read real-life testimonials at https://safety.smart911.com/ category/stories.

Lynn Bruno is a public-information officer with Jackson Township and can be reached at 614-875-2742 or lynn.bruno@jacksontwp.org.