This late-1940s image is looking east-southeast near the corner of Grandview Avenue and McKinley Road, with the Grandview Avenue bridge just out of view to the left.

The bridge crossed the Scioto River where the current overpass at Interstate 670 is located.

In the center of the photo is a car crossing the tracks in front of the Grandview crossing tower.

At the right is the Toledo & Central Ohio Railroad roundhouse, located at the west end of the former Columbus West Yard.

Built in 1918, the facility included the roundhouse, a shop building, power plant, coal and oil buildings, cinder conveyors and a 70,000-gallon water tank for supplying the steam engines.

The turntable was 100 feet in diameter, with two tracks leading into it and two tracks leading out, on an electric tractor that could orient a locomotive to one of the 20 stalls.

The track to Toledo ran past Marble Cliff, passing one of the many stone quarries on the line. Steam-powered trains -- before the switch to diesel in the early 1950s -- required "helper engines" to make it up the grade out of Grandview; the engines were dropped at a "helper siding" north of Kile, just outside of Amlin.

The line continued through Kenton, Findlay and Bowling Green before terminating at the Stanley Yard in Toledo. Crews would spend the night there at a YMCA dorm before manning a southbound train back to Grandview and Columbus.