A series of summer block parties will culminate from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 25, with the installation of a mural dedicated to Gahanna Residents In Need.

Matt Roberson, curator of the Mural Gallery and owner of Blank Slate Coffee, said the art display has been taking shape in bays at the old car wash structure at 152 Mill St.

"We're going to be installing a new mural that we created for GRIN at the Blank and Brush Block Party, which is an informal series of community events we've been helping host over the summer," he said. "The GRIN Mural is a cool interactive piece that area residents contributed to at the last Block Party, so we'll be assembling and installing it for everyone to see on the 25th."

He said everyone is welcome to the party at 152 Mill St. that will include live music, food trucks and comic book artists who will work on a comic mural.

"There will be some live art that night," Roberson said. "There will be lots of different art with artists selling their work. You can find something and support an artist."

He said the Mural Gallery is a private project.

"It's a grassroots project," Roberson said. "We were invited to use the property. We've done some open-air art shows. We pretty quickly landed on the idea that the old (car wash) walls would look good with murals."

Gahanna resident Sarah Gee said she has been involved with the GRIN mural.

"It has been super fun," she said. "We got together with (director) Brenda (Johnston) from GRIN. She joined us at the last block party to tell people about GRIN. We took food cans and spray-painted the bottoms red, and people could write on them why they give."

Gee said it seemed like everyone gave a different reason for giving.

Gahanna resident Annie Seaton also worked on the GRIN mural.

"It takes circles (from the cans) and makes them into a heart shape," she said. "We really wanted the community to be part of it with GRIN. People can say, 'That's my circle right there.'"

If the car wash is eventually taken down, Seaton said, the hope is that someone would take the murals to another space where they could be seen.

Roberson said he and his wife, Kayla, appreciate art and love the neighborhood.

"The art thing for us is more of a passion project," he said. "We didn't want our business to overshadow it."

One mural was part of a Girl Scout project and another was contributed by Gahanna Lincoln High School's community art class.

Roberson said the summer's first block party involved giant eyeglasses that are now on display in front of the car wash structure.

"We call them the Gahanna glasses," he said. "People were encouraged to share their vision for Gahanna."

Roberson said some of the mural installations have been done by one or two people, and others by many people.

"We've been doing them about every six weeks," he said. "As far as a theme for the broader project, we believe art is a great tool to foster conversation. That's the value that guides what we do. We create stuff that allows people to have those conversations."

The names of the murals that are part of the gallery, or that will be installed, include:

* Before I Die Wall, collaborative artists.

* GRIN Heart, collaborative artists.

* Two Figures, artist Natalie Steigmann-Gall.

* Reaching for the Stars, artists Geena Battaglia and Erica Fogle of Girl Scout Troop 1037.

* The Hart, artist Matt Roberson.

* Conversations, collaborative artists.

* Gahanna Glasses, artists Matt Roberson, Annie Seaton and Sarah Gee.

* Community, artist community art class of Gahanna Lincoln High School.