The four children's handmade signs evoked curious and cursory glances and the occasional response from motorists lined up Aug. 14 at a red light on South Hamilton Road in Whitehall.

"Please help with my granpa's (sic) funeral" read the sign held by 10-year-old Terrelle Harvey.

His two sisters and a cousin held similar signs along with Brandy Prysock, 29, of East Whittier Street in Columbus.

Prysock's father, 46-year-old David McClain, died unexpectedly Aug. 3 when he fell from a bicycle and struck his head in the parking lot of an apartment complex near Clime Road in West Columbus.

McClain struck a pallet in the parking lot and flipped over the handlebars, Prysock said.

He was transported to Doctors West Hospital, where he died, she said.

Without the means to pay for funeral expenses, Prysock and her children, through Aug. 19, had raised about $2,000 of the $3,700 needed for a cremation and funeral.

Prysock's mother, who works at a bank near South Hamilton Road and East Main Street in Whitehall, suggested Prysock try to raise the money needed at the busy intersection.

"We start in the morning before it gets too hot," Prysock said Aug. 14.

She and the four children collected about $150 between about 8 and 10 a.m. Aug. 14 -- a little less than average, Prysock said.

"We try to get $200 each day," she said.

Aug. 14 was the fifth or sixth day she and some of her children have been at the intersection, she said.

Prysock has eight children.

The oldest, a 13-year-old boy, is taking her father's death the hardest, she said.

"He was close to his grandpa," said Prysock, adding McClain often came to visit the children or vice versa.

Last week, a passing motorist arranged a $700 grant through a state program called JOIN, Prysock said, payable to the funeral home when she has enough money to proceed.

Affinity Memorial Chapel, 1166 Parsons Ave. in Columbus, is keeping McClain's body until the family can arrange the cremation and funeral.

Prysock said this week the effort has slowed as she gets her children registered and ready for school.

She said after her story was posted to the ThisWeek Whitehall News website last week, several people called the funeral home to see how they could help, but the chapel will not accept donations.

Those interested in helping with the effort may email Prysock at