The newest addition to Westar Place will provide the city's largest co-working space.

Last week, Indiana-based Elevate Office announced it would bring its co-working concept to Westerville in a 36,000-square-foot standalone facility in Westar Place.

The facility will stand across the street from Westerville's Renaissance Marriott Hotel on the northeast corner of Altair Parkway and Meridian Way, and will represent $8.2 million in investment, according to a press release.

Elevate Westerville will house 150 office units, four "high-tech" conference rooms and a co-working space, catering to small-business owners and entrepreneurs of many levels.

Jason Bechtold, Westerville's economic development director, said he believes the facility would be close to being if not "the first new-construction co-working space in the Columbus region," and this "purposeful" development is another feather in the cap of the booming Westar Place project.

"Building 36,000 square feet of co-working space adds a unique element to Westar Place and the business community as a whole," he said. "We have great headquarters, healthcare facilities, and this adds another element."

Bechtold said Westerville has other, significantly smaller co-working spaces, but nothing on the scale of Elevate Office's plans.

In the release, Elevate Office President Scott Baldwin said the company was looking forward to being a part of Westerville.

"A project like Elevate Office in Westerville creates a quality-work option that is attractive to young talent, seasoned entrepreneurs, service professionals and small-business owners," he said. "We are excited to be a part of this development and look forward to the Elevate Office businesses bringing increased economic opportunity to the area."

For Bechtold, additional co-working space represents not only a new crop of businesses with the potential to expand, but also provides "variety" the city needs.

"If you're just a company of one that stays a company of one for a long time or you're a company of one that transitions to 101 over a period of time, we can (now) accommodate that start of growth," he said.

"Having that co-working environment helps (attract) new businesses, new ideas and new concepts."

Bechtold said he's happy with the mix of businesses that have been attracted to Westar Place and credited Westerville's business community, which he described as "well-positioned to help companies thrive."

"It's very challenging to get that type of investment in your community," he said.

"For us to attract (those businesses) around a fantastic Renaissance Hotel speaks to the business community in Westerville. We do have a diverse business mix, and Westar Place represents a cross-section of all the great businesses we have in our community," he said.

Construction on Elevate Westerville is scheduled to be complete in the spring of 2019.

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