Ill Mannered opened in 2015 in a strip center in Powell, but even then, the anticipation of a bigger location was brewing.

The city's first craft brewery opened a new, larger location this month at 38 Grace Drive, just a stone's throw away from its original site. The old location, in a strip mall adjacent to the new building, will continue to be used for brewing and storage.

At 3,000 square feet, the new building is more than double the size, which means more room for both drinking and brewing, said Tom Ayers, one of Ill Mannered Brewing Co.'s co-founders.

About half of the space will be dedicated to holding its seven fermentation tanks.

"The old location was really tight. We had maybe 15 to 20 seats in the taproom and that meant you got to be comfortable with your neighbor," Ayers said. "The move will allow us to brew more beer. We're going to be able to get into more barrel aging. We hope to use the old space to do some more sour beers down the road."

The new taproom will have space for 20 beers -- more than double the original location. Ill Mannered plans to offer its own beers as well as a few "guest" beers and ciders from other central Ohio brewers, Ayers said.

"Only having eight beers on tap was not ideal for us long-term. It was nice to get us started and get off the ground, but it's important for us to continue to grow as a company," Ayers said.

It took about 18 months to design and build the new space, which includes an outdoor patio and dedicated food-truck parking.

"Our patio is pretty amazing. We have a fire pit and drive-up food-truck service and plenty of space for a whole host of people," Ayers said.

The move to a larger location was always the goal, he said.

"Our original plan was to grow into a new space in three years, but once business started, we realized we'd be able to expand sooner. We had a lot of trouble finding the right space. It's a hundred times more challenging to find space that is even reasonably suited for a brewery," Ayers said. "We realized it was worth waiting for. Our primary goal was to stay here -- we like to call ourselves Powell's neighborhood brewery. Everything is made a few feet behind the bar."

Ill Mannered plans to offer a limited variety of liquor and wines by the end of the year, Ayers said. Food trucks will be on hand every Friday and Saturday.

Ill Mannered has expanded its hours -- now open Tuesday through Sunday -- and plans to open for every Ohio State football game in the fall.

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