The staff at the Prairie Township Community Center does windows.

And a whole lot more.

The community center, 5955 W. Broad St., will be closed Tuesday, Aug. 28 through Friday, Aug. 31, for its annual deep cleaning and maintenance. The work will start immediately after the center closes Monday, Aug. 27.

"It's a massive cleaning of everything," township recreation department director James Gant said. "We do it this week because that's the week we start losing some of our kids to school. It's kind of the transition from summer to fall and allows us to really get the center as clean as possible.

"We'll have four staffers that come in with leaf-blowers on Monday night and they'll start blowing all the dust down that we can get."

By Tuesday, the center's fitness equipment will be moved so the carpets can be cleaned and the floors waxed. The gym floor will be waxed and the exercise equipment like treadmills and elliptical machines will be in pieces.

"We'll take all of our fitness equipment apart and get in there and do some preventative maintenance," Gant said.

"The hardwood in the gym gets stripped and rewaxed, which actually maintains the floor for longer. The smell is awful -- it takes a couple of days to air out."

While the community center will reopen for normal hours Saturday, Sept. 1, the pool inside is expected to remain closed through Sept. 4, he said.

"We'll start draining it Tuesday morning. We will literally power wash from the ceiling all the way down," Gant said. "It takes 36 hours to drain the pool and another 36 to fill it, so that's why it takes longer."

Other plans include installing tile in high-traffic areas and chair rails in all classrooms.

The parking lot also will be resealed and repainted.

The floors are done by professionals, but nearly everything else is handled by the community center staff, Gant said.

"We maintain all the equipment, we do all the power washing, the window washing, all the painting," he said. "My dad is coming in to volunteer to help me put in chair rails. It's definitely not a vacation for us."

Gant said he plans to post pictures on the center's Facebook page (https://www. so patrons can see what work goes on behind the scenes.

"When you see what all we're doing, it makes sense why we're closed -- you need to have those four days. It's quite a bit of effort," Gant said. "We just try to make it look as good as possible, but it takes a while."