Rebecca Seum served as a copy editor for the inaugural edition of a magazine focused on pets in central Ohio and the people who love them.

A new job will preclude the Westerville woman from being involved with the next quarterly issue of Petcetera -- and she's going to miss it.

"It's absolutely a need that should be filled," Seum said. "I was happy to be involved. Pets are parts of families. There are all kinds of magazines about other family things, parent magazines.

"I can't imagine why it wasn't done before."

Petcetera is the brainchild of Clintonville resident Kristen Harris.

The gestation period was an exceptionally long one.

Harris, a native of Van Wert who attended the Columbus College of Art & Design but went to work for Victoria's Secret before graduating, said she had been toying with the idea of a pet-centered publication for 15 years.

Cities no larger and no more glamorous than Columbus have such magazines, said Harris, the owner since 2005 of the Grandview Heights-based talent-recruiting firm Creative Portfolio.

"Finally, last fall, I pulled the idea back off the shelf and decided 'someday' was here," Harris wrote on the Facebook page for Petcetera. "It was time to create a hyperlocal lifestyle magazine about pets and their people having fun and living great lives together."

Through her business, Harris knew writers, photographers and copy editors to help produce the magazine, and she already was set on the type of content she wanted.

What Harris said she had to figure out was the business side of things: making Petcetera pay for itself and planning for distribution and where to store the first edition when it came off the presses.

Fortunately, a friend who has a warehouse let her use a section.

"It's a combination of research and asking people who have done it, and using some common sense," Harris said. "Honestly, it's still a learning experience."

Freelance writer Melissa Braithwaite of Bexley wrote the cover story for the first issue of Petcetera, focusing on a Worthington couple, Canady and Joe Patterson, in their journey in selecting a dog.

"It was exciting, really exciting," Braithwaite said. "The stories themselves are really fun. We're all about pets and their people and that relationship, so getting to talk to people about how their found their pet, how they knew it was the right one for their family ... it's just really exciting stuff. People love to talk about it."

"It really has some great content that is both informative and also kind of fun," Seum said of the first Petcetera. "It's a pleasure just to look at. It really does showcase people who love their pets and love having their pets as a part of their lives."

"I think Columbus is a pretty pet-friendly place to live," Braithwaite said. "It's something that a lot of people are pretty passionate about -- animals and their pets. It was just a missing sort of niche there."

"I have always been a pet-lover," Harris said. "My family always had dogs and cats. I've had cats when I couldn't have a dog. I have dogs now."

Harris and her husband, Brian Evans, have a 7-year-old labrador mix they adopted from the Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center, along with Holly, a former racing greyhound.

"I'm a big supporter of local business ... so for me, one of the goals of having this magazine is to help build local businesses," Harris said.

Petcetera, which circulates 10,000 issues per quarter, is available free at many central Ohio pet stores, libraries and other locations, as well as pet-related festivals. Annual subscriptions also are available for $22.