Basil in many cases is an herb used for savory cooking. But it also can be an ingredient in desserts.

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: Would you eat cherry-basil ice cream?

Andrew King: I would definitely try a sample size of it, but eating an entire scoop or two sounds like a bit much.

Scott Hummel: I would eat just about any flavor of ice cream. I definitely could see cherry and basil working well together.

Sarah Sole: Heck yes, I would.

Dennis Laycock: I would devour that. It sounds delightful. Two of my favorite flavors.

Lee Cochran: No. I see no need to take a gamble when there are so many tried-and-true options.

Lisa Proctor: I love the cherry flavor, so I would try it at least once. It sounds refreshing.

Nate Ellis: Sure.

Abby Armbruster: Sure. What's not to love about that combination?

Neil Thompson: It has the magic words “ice” and “cream,” so, yes.