Motorists in Dublin, Hilliard and parts of northwest Columbus should benefit from the extension of Hayden Run Boulevard to Avery Road.

Jeff Ortega, assistant director of the Columbus Department of Public Service, said the road opened at the end of August.

A new bridge over the CSX railroad tracks west of Avery Road now links Hayden Run Boulevard, which ended near the LC Dublin apartments and Golden Cascade Drive in Columbus, to Avery Road and Riggins Road, also in Columbus. The gap was less than half a mile, according to Google Maps.

A signal light will control traffic at the Avery Road intersection, Ortega said.

The construction project cost $13 million, he said. Additional expenses included approximately $700,000 for right-of-way acquisition and $450,000 for pre-construction design and engineering.

The completed Hayden Run Boulevard runs parallel to Hayden Run Road – which is a few thousand feet to the south – and provides another option for motorists to access southern Dublin and northern Hilliard via Avery Road or the Britton Parkway.

“This extension will reduce traffic congestion in the area, increase the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians and provide a much needed east-west connection,” Ortega said.

He called the project a prime example of regional cooperation among Columbus, Franklin County and Hilliard.

The project includes a shared-use path on the north side of Hayden Run Boulevard and a sidewalk on the south side, Ortega said.

Hilliard deputy city engineer Letty Schamp said city leaders had looked forward to the opening.

“The extension of Hayden Run Boulevard and Riggins Road is an important roadway link in northwest Franklin County that has been part of Hilliard’s thoroughfare plan since 2001,” Schamp said. “We are excited to finally see this road connection made. This link is critical to alleviating the congestion on existing Hayden Run Road – which benefits much of the Hilliard community – and improving east-west connectivity in the region.”

Jody Dzuranin has lived in Hayden Farms for nine years and said she has anticipated the opening since the project was envisioned.

“Now I will be able to ride my bike to the new Hilliard library (on Hickory Chase Way), all on shared-use paths instead of riding on Hayden Run Road,” said Dzuranin, treasurer of the Hayden Run Community Development Authority.