The latest proposed mixed-use development on East Livingston Avenue is outside German Village historic district boundaries, meaning it does not have to go through a historic-review process.

Unlike a proposed hotel at 31 E. Livingston and the multi-family development at 247 E. Livingston Ave., the mixed-use building is in the Schumacher Place neighborhood, not German Village, meaning it is not required to go through historic review.

Brenda Gischel, president of the Schumacher Place Civic Association, said that's been a source of frustration for members of the group, in that the civic association only serves in an advisory role.

"I know we're a prime spot," she said. "I've been here a long time. I just want to see more recognition."

Tom Brigdon, a representative of Northstar Realty, which has submitted the proposal, said the company is in the midst of revising the design.

Those changes will not be available before the civic association's Sept. 4 meeting, so the issue will be tabled, Brigdon said.

"After hearing the residents' concerns, we are looking at the project to address those concerns," he said.

The original proposal called for a five-story building across four parcels between 447 and 485 E. Livingston. The company has asked the city to vacate Dutch Alley to accommodate the request.

The development would claim the vacant Shane's Gourmet Market site and Enterprise Rent-A-Car building.

The project initially called for a number of variances, including a request to exceed the maximum building height from 35 to 65 feet.

It's unclear what is going to change, but the middle portion of the first floor contains 1,000 square feet of lobby and 40 parking spaces, according to the document filed with the city of Columbus. The apartments are on floors two through five, and 84 units are proposed, although specific sizes weren't available in the document.

The total building square footage was not provided. The plans show another parking area located behind the building, which will be bookended by 3,200 square feet of retail space to the west and a 2,000-square-foot workout facility to the east, according to the current proposal.

Northstar is no stranger to the neighborhood. The firm is preparing to refurbish a building at 399 E. Livingston.

Brenda Gischel said she has sought the German Village Society's support in opposing the development.

Nancy Kotting, historic preservation advocate for the Society, said she was aware of the Schumacher Place project but did not indicate whether the Society would join in opposing the development because the Society Board of Trustees has not taken a public position about the issue.