Improvements to streets, water and sanitary sewer systems and parks are among the projects under review in Groveport's proposed five-year capital improvement plan.

A resolution adopting the plan received the second of three readings at Groveport City Council's Aug. 27 meeting.

"Streets are huge," Councilwoman Jean Ann Hilbert said. "They've got to be kept up and so do the sewers. We have some very old sewer areas and water lines. People don't realize how much money goes into those projects, and those are things that have to be done."

Hilbert noted, however, that nothing on the CIP list is "set in stone" and changes are possible.

The plan's proposed 2019 street projects and estimated costs include:

* East Bixby Road from near Ebright Road to U.S. Route 33, pavement rehabilitation, $348,000, funded by local and street maintenance funds.

* Curb ramp upgrades along Main Street at Mohr and Lesleh avenues, $34,000, paid for with local funds.

* A traffic signal upgrade at Groveport Madison High School at state Route 317 and Firehouse Lane, $531,000, funded by a $316,223 grant, a $120,176 loan, $82,000 from other sources, and $57,600 in local funds.

The city has set aside $450,000 for annual street maintenance next year to include resurfacing work on Main Street from College Street to Front Street, and from Front Street east to near the Groveport Recreation Center.

Other streets could be included in the work, based on "condition of infrastructure, amount of traffic or users, ability to receive funding other than local funds," City Administrator Marsha Hall said.

Other projects possible for 2019, and their estimated costs, include upgrades to generators for sanitary sewers ($75,000) at Elmont and Bixford and $50,000 to replace sanitary sewer mains. More than $300,000 has been earmarked for several stormwater improvements and maintenance.

Neighborhood parks also appear on the 2019 list, with $75,000 listed for improvements.According to the CIP, the city has applied for an Ohio NatureWorks grant for a path connecting the Bixford Green subdivision to Blacklick Creek Greeways Trail in Three Creeks Metro Park and will allocate $180,000 in city funds for the project.

Hilbert remains committed to trying to get the city to construct five new tennis courts for residents. Her fellow council members rejected the idea by a 3-2 vote in April.

Hall said at the time that estimates to build five new tennis courts in Groveport Park are between $800,000 and $850,000, with up to 10 to 15 percent more needed for design and engineering costs.

"Marsha did mention that we still have to find a place for the five tennis courts at Groveport Park," Hilbert said.