The trial for a man accused of breaking into a home and damaging valuable paintings before causing a disturbance on a middle school soccer field has been moved back to October.

Melvin K. Williams, 21, of 2244 Woodstock Road, had been scheduled for trial Aug. 14 in Franklin County Common Pleas Court on felony charges of burglary, assault, vandalism, obstruction of official business and inducing panic, as well as an additional misdemeanor charge of assault.

Williams is facing up to 13 years and six months in prison if convicted on all counts.

According to court documents, the case was continued to Oct. 2.

"(Aug. 14) was an initial trial date that was put into the system," said Christy McCreary, a spokeswoman for Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien. "This basically is just a standard continuance while both sides are getting more information."

Williams pleaded not guilty to all charges at a May 21 arraignment and was released from the Franklin County jail that same day on a $10,000 recognizance bond.

His attorney, Robert Krapenc, said in June his client was under the influence of hallucinogens at the time of the incident and shouldn't be incarcerated.

Williams is accused of causing an estimated $27,050 in damages to a home he allegedly broke into in the 3700 block of Pevensey Drive before running onto the Hastings Middle School field wearing nothing but boxer shorts and shoes.

He was arrested on the field April 18 after he allegedly punched and tried to choke a woman; he was indicted April 26.

Upper Arlington police said Williams made a statement when he was arrested about "tripping," but officers didn't find any drugs on his person and didn't conduct any drug tests.

Williams was released from jail on the condition he contacts the court twice a month via telephone and submits to drug screenings at least once a month.