Three new building principals and three new directors are among the Hilliard City Schools administrators who welcomed students back for the start of the new school year last month.

Samantha Chatman, Jessica Rardon and Chad Schulte are the new principals at Alton Darby Elementary School, Tharp Sixth Grade School and Weaver Middle School, respectively.

Chatman comes to Hilliard from Marion City Schools, Rardon from South-Western City Schools and Schulte from Darby High School, where he was an assistant principal.

Chatman said she is looking forward to continuing the great work she has witnessed since arriving and is "excited" to be a part of the Hilliard family.

"I look forward to building strong relationships with the students, staff, families and the Alton Darby community over the next year," she said. "I have been amazed at the opportunities Hilliard provides for all students."

Rardon, whose children are Hilliard students, said she could not be more proud of the education they and her students are receiving.

"I feel like I've come home," she said. "I couldn't be more proud of the education my own children have received in Hilliard and now I get to be a part creating that at Tharp."

Schulte, a nine-year Hilliard educator, said he is excited to transition to Weaver.

"Our goal is to continue with the time-tested traditions that have been established (at Weaver) while remembering to incorporate 21st-century skills that will (prepare) our students," he said.

In their new roles, Chatman has an annual salary of $86,000 and benefits worth $28,723; Rardon has an annual salary of $95,000 and benefits worth $53,247; and Schulte has an annual salary of $105,000 and benefits worth $35,063, according to the district.

The three new directors are Mike Abraham, Herb Higginbotham and Cori Kindl.

Abraham, who last year was student support-services coordinator, steps into the new role of director of student well-being.

"As the director of student well-being, I am committed to serving the students, staff and community of Hilliard through collaborative partnerships within and beyond our community," he said. "The collective efforts focus on the prevention of drug abuse and suicide while promoting mental well-being."

Higginbotham is the new director of elementary curriculum. He most recently was the principal at Alton Darby.

"We have a great team of teachers and principals that works hard each day to support and grow our elementary students, and it is an honor for me to be able to serve and support our team and their efforts," Higginbotham said.

Kindl is the new director of professional development. She most recently the principal at Tharp.

Kindl said she is "delighted" in her new role and "looks forward to personalizing the professional development for every teacher and staff while collaborating with (staff) our district."

Abraham has an annual salary of $115,000 and benefits worth $59,921; Higginbotham has an annual salary of $112,000 and benefits worth $37,398; and Kindl has an annual salary of $112,000 and benefits worth $58,919, according to the district.