The city of Powell will hold a free seminar this month on active-shooter situations and emergency preparedness.

Registration is required for the event, which is slated for 6:30 p.m. Sept. 24 at the Village Green Municipal Building, 47 Hall St.

To register, email Karen Mitchell at or call 614-885-5380.

The class will be led by instructors from the Powell Police Department, the Delaware County Sheriff's Office and the Liberty Township Fire Department.

It will include information in ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate), Run/Hide/Fight and other emergency and safety case studies and techniques.

Powell police Chief Gary Vest said he views the seminar as an all-around primer on "situational awareness."

"It's not that we think Powell is at any greater risk than any other place, but the message here can be translated to other locations and other situations," he said. "Avoidance, in any conflict situation, is often the best option. We'll provide them with information, but we'll also allow them to ask questions and draw their own conclusions on what they can do in their own lives."

The training is expected to last about two hours.

Vest said it's a way of thinking about potential risks before they occur, in the same way people plan for severe weather with tornado drills.

"You should always be talking to the people in your party about a meet-up place if you get separated regardless of the danger," he said. "You should always know where the exits are -- whether it's a shooter or whether it's a fire.

"It's to help you be mindful about the risk around you -- not to be afraid of living your life. We want people to know that bad things happen in good communities. If our minds cannot get around that it can happen anywhere, then we're at a little bit more risk."