This home, at the corner of Ashland Avenue and Merrick Road (Glenwood Avenue at the time) in Grandview, was built in 1908 (records also show that it was built in 1910) for James Carman, who was the owner of the Carman Manufacturing Co. and the Carman Spaghetti factory on Goodale Boulevard.

The home later was remodeled and expanded by the Delaveris family.

Carman also served as Grandview's second mayor from 1912 until 1916.

One of the highlights of the exterior of the home was the Colorado red sandstone that covered the first floor and also was used for the three fireplaces in the living room, dining room, and a third floor room.

The home has been on the Historical Society Home Tour two times.

Carman came to Grandview from Barnesville Ohio, and died in 1916 from Bright's disease (nephritis).

When he arrived, he joined businessman Harry Smith to form the Carman-Smith Co., dealing with wholesale furnishing goods. This company merged with Columbus Merchandise Co., and Carman left to start Carman Manufacturing.

They made and sold wholesale tinware, ceiling tiles and other metal goods.

Upon his death, Carman was succeeded as mayor by Claude Siebert.