Few would argue that raspberries and bananas are compatible flavors. But how far would you go to combine them?

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: Would you fill a hollowed-out banana with macerated raspberries?

Andrew King: That sounds like way too much work. I'd probably prefer to just eat some fresh raspberries.

Scott Hummel: As I've told my wife a hundred dozen times, I don't like bananas unless they're buried at the bottom of a banana split.

Sarah Sole: I could see myself doing such a thing.

Dennis Laycock: Can you even hollow out a banana? I'm not sure the physics works there.

Lee Cochran: No bananas. I hate everything about bananas -- the taste, the consistency, the smell.

Lisa Proctor: I would try it. I believe in using raspberries whenever possible.

Nate Ellis: Sounds like a lot of effort. I'd probably just have yogurt with bananas and raspberries.

Abby Armbruster: I would, but why? Bananas are great. Why take away some of the banana?

Neil Thompson: Sounds like way too much work for a soggy fruit dish. I'll stick to my bananas and raspberries on their own, thank you very much.