A path has been made for Dublin to begin to revitalize office park complexes.

Dublin City Council members Sept. 10 unanimously approved a corporate-area plan, which will apply to about 987 acres populated by corporate offices.

It targets office parks in the Metro, Blazer and Emerald districts in the city, which have buildings dating from the 1970s to 1990s.

The revised plan includes changes requested by council members such as expanding the definition of place-making principals, adding more language about walkability and green space and diversity of architectural design.

Councilwoman Jane Fox said she appreciated that city officials incorporated so many of the council members' suggestions into the plan.

"I'm very pleased with the changes," she said.

Councilman Michael Keenan said he was concerned too many parameters within the plan would discourage developers from revitalizing the area.

Vice Mayor and Councilwoman Chris Amorose Groomes, however, said she believes the parameters aren't restricting to developers.

The city's goal is to use the plan to continue to provide favorable development conditions for jobs and investment and more walkable amenities, said Devayani Puranik, a Dublin senior planner.

Short-term improvements include taking a look at the city's zoning code and updating the Frantz Road streetscape.

Longer-term goals include adding amenities, bike and pedestrian infrastructure, open spaces and housing options within office parks, Puranik said.

The plan also provides recommendations to consider incentive programs for exterior improvements for legacy office buildings at Metro Place as well as for implementing sustainable environmentally friendly practices, Puranik said.

Of the 987 acres in the plan, about 133 acres is undeveloped, although that acreage is dynamic and changes with completion of recent projects, Puranik said.